Thing 4: Digital Security

I quite like the fact that there’s an expectation, nay, an assumption, that everyone will have a smartphone or device. I notice that this is also becoming a trend in commerce and daily-life. Is it not something of a worry that the phone manufacturers and telcos are gaining that much control and influence in our lives?!

This took on special resonance when I read the ICO doc on Using apps safely and securely – specifically the bit on “Treat your phone as your wallet”. Will there come a time when we will pay for everything via our phone? What implications does this have for the control that phone manufacturers will have over our lives?

Although I have an iphone, I have made a conscious and deliberate decision to use it only for phone calls and messages. [And I have to say: it’s fantastic for that!] (But I do also use it as a clock, as an alarm, as a stop-watch, and for reminders.) So, not only do I not have any apps on my phone, I never use it for Internet access or things like accessing email. Why? Long story. I’m not even sure that I know, myself. But I don’t like small devices, and I don’t want my life to be dominated by my device. I like to compartmentalise, to live in the physical world, and keep my actual life separate from my online life, if that makes sense.

Cheers! – 23Tims

Thing 3: Digital Footprint

I quite liked this definition of a Digital Footprint:

“It’s the data you leave behind when you go online. It’s what you’ve said, what others have said about you, where you’ve been, images you’re tagged in, personal information, social media profiles, and much more.”

And I liked this warning: what you say and do online, stays online. This was borne out to me by doing a “self-Google” (my expression). There were mercifully few results, but a couple of very obscure results from a long time ago!

Cheers! – 23Tims

23tims Blog Post #1

Hi All – I’m joining 23ThingsEdUni from the library of a regional uni in Australia. Our library is becoming increasingly involved in digital literacy so it’s very timely for me to be learning about the “23 Things for Digital Knowledge”. As an indication of my, ahem, vast experience in all things social media, this is the first time I have created a blog and constructed a post.

I don’t expect this blog to be of interest to anyone but me. It’s the process that’s important, rather than the product!